our Mission


Surokahon Mission

Development of community feeling through music. Principle motive is peace building. Production of original music and recreation of classical and traditional pieces. Archival of folk music of the land through writings, discussions and performances. Collaboration with organizations around the world having a similar school of thought. Surokahon aim to address social issues through audio/visual presentations. 


About us


Surokahon is a social & musical platform where we delve into the multifaceted aspects of music through performances, conversations and writings. Here Surokahon will be recollecting and recreating works from a highly diverse field of traditional Indian Music, making and promoting new originals, and publishing various write ups on music, both as a performing art and a healer. Surokahon hope that along with your involvement and participation, each soulful musical journey will take us through different roots from which they have originated and through different paths in which they have bloomed.